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  • Underwater



    This movie is stealing a lot of what it is doing from Alien. There are even moments where it seems like it might be stealing from stuff that stole from Alien. I feel like this movie understands the material that it's stealing from well enough that it manages to have the substance of Alien not just reskins of the form.

  • Nova Seed

    Nova Seed


    Interesting Indy Animated Movie. The fact that this was almost entirely made by one person is really impressive. The only thing it suffers for in my opinion is lack of voice actors. There were a lot of characters who sound like someone doing a weird voice as opposed to like a person talking, but given the limitations it's hard to fault them for that.

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  • Beyond The Walls

    Beyond The Walls


    A decent Silent Hill-esque miniseries (so my liking this does not invalidate my previous words on French film.) Not super strong in the ending, but there were some good creepy bits.

  • Incredibles 2

    Incredibles 2


    I really hated Mr Incredible in this movie. He really seems to resent that Elastagirl is successful. The moments where he is remotely supportive of her it is explicitly come from him expecting her action to lead to him getting to eventually prove that he is a better super hero than her. He hides problems with his family so that she will keep doing the job so that he can go back to superheroing. He dresses it up, but it…