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  • Reality



    Showing Reality.

    This film I think will fly under the radar for many, and I find that a damn shame. It’s directorial debut for Tina Satter and a brilliant watch, keeping this sense of tension all the way through whilst being truthful. It has a sense of naturalism due to the transcript being verbatim for the screenplay, whilst incorporating other methods of displaying the truthfulness of the script with audio logged files with dates etc, visual display of the transcript being…

  • Babylon



    Describe The Film In Two Words: “A Hoot!”

    This film is made for the big screen. An absolute epic of debauchery and an ode to an era of cinema whilst also highlighting its difficult past. The first hour and a half is insane in excess - there is always something going on it the background of the frame - and is also ridiculously funny with how over the top it is. Damien Chazelle has practically made the Wolf Of Wall…

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  • Tombstone



    Never Has Tuberculous Looked So Cool.

    This film starts off amazing, with a stacked cast including Kurt Russel, Sam Elliot, Bill Paxton, Val Kilmer, Michael Biehn, Stephen Lang, Charlton Heston, Thomas Haden Church and plenty more, this film includes dozens of quotable lines and great scenes. Val Kilmer is also absolutely fantastic whenever he is on screen, making Doc Holliday an all time favourite cowboy of mine!

    However whilst I was fully engaged in the first hour and a half of…

  • The Holdovers

    The Holdovers


    Stellar Scriptwriting.

    I’ve been debating what to rate this film for a while but I think I must now settle with the fact this film has to be a 5 star film for me.

    This script alone is inexplicably delightful, weaving itself seamlessly around dynamic characters that are equally hilarious, morose, frustrating, sentimental, ignorant and ingenious. The screenplay is rife with meaning and plays off itself with clear intention, and it also concludes on an apt note that is bittersweet…

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  • Old



    This Got Old. Real Quick.

    They say time is the greatest healer. I can only hope so for the damage caused by what M. Night Shyamalan put me through.

    The opening lines of the film serve as a precursor for what is to come; atrocious dialogue. It seems Shyamalan can’t write human characters but instead expositional plot points with limbs and flappy mouth holes for a screenwriters worst nightmare. The film doesn’t even allow you to figure things out for…

  • Moonfall


    A Visual Lobotomy.

    This film’s screenplay had to have been written by a substantially underdeveloped AI. Riddled with cliches, laughable dialogue, non-sensical set pieces, little to no character development whilst also being overstuffed and bloated. This film will quickly melt your brain away and you’ll end up finding some of its ludicrousness slightly enjoyable. I mean, I had more fun here than The Matrix Resurrections despite this film being objectively worse.

    Characters in this film have no subtlety to their…