• The Night Strangler

    The Night Strangler


    This was my first experience watching Kolchak. Never watched the show and I haven’t seen the first film. I watched this one because it’s the one that was on sale at Kino. I wasn’t aware this was the 2nd one until I noticed it mentioned the events of the first film quite a bit. Kolchak is investigating the murders of young women on the streets by a supposedly Dead looking murderer. No one believes any of his theories and most…

  • Dogs



    Picked up the Blu-ray from the Kino sale though I believe it’s a Scorpion release. First time watch. I went from watching vampire dogs in Zoltan to watching murderous doggos in this. The plot involves well.. dogs killing people. You could have guessed. Once lovable household pets are now banding together and killing everyone in sight. Most of the focus is around a college campus where our main character is trying to figure out why Dogs are suddenly going nuts.…

  • Dracula's Dog

    Dracula's Dog


    Watched under the title “ZOLTAN: HOUND OF DRACULA”.  I owned the dvd of this for years but never watched it. Picked up the Blu-ray during the Kino sale and finally gave this flick a watch. Is this silly? Totally. Is it super fun though? Oh yeah.  The opening of this movie is great. The film follows ol Reggie Nalder, aka our vamp from Salem’s Lot. Here he is a servant of Dracula and along with Zoltan, our vampire dog, they…

  • The Fifth Cord

    The Fifth Cord


    First time watch after picking up the Arrow Blu-ray. I thought this was a really good Giallo but I wouldn’t get it to Great. Franco Nero stars here as a journalist investigating a series of murders. He’s one of the many suspects here. Typical murder mystery plot here. First off my main issue was our main character played by Nero. He’s an unlikable character and I frankly didn’t care about him. What I DID like was the mystery and also…

  • Oasis of Fear

    Oasis of Fear


    Watched on Blu-ray under the title An Ideal Place to Kill.  Directed by Umberto Lenzi, we follow two free spirits played by Ray Lovelock and Ornella Muti (who I’ll always know as Stallone’s wife from Oscar.) They get into some trouble for selling Pornography and find themselves stopping at a swanky house to steal some gas. Caught by the woman of the house, instead of turning them in she lets them stay. They party and have some fun. It’s all…

  • When a Stranger Calls Back

    When a Stranger Calls Back


    I’ve been a huge fan of the original When a Stranger Calls since I saw it as a kid and it scared the crap out of me. The fact that I heard this was bad through the years is probably why I never rushed to see it. Finally picked up the Scream Factory release and I’m glad I did. While it’s not the classic that the original was, I thought it was entertaining. I think the main issue is the villain.…

  • Runaway Train

    Runaway Train


    What a fantastic film. Picked up the Kino Blu-ray release. First time watch.  Jon Voight (back before he worshipped a reality star President) and Eric Roberts star as two escaped convicts. As they escape through a frozen wasteland, they seek refuge on a train. Well shitty luck for them, after an accident, this train is now unmanned and heading towards a dead end. The only other person on the train is Rebecca DeMornay. So you have the story of them…

  • The Big Bust Out

    The Big Bust Out


    This was a blind buy of Scream Factory’s limited edition Blu-ray. Unfortunately not all blind buys work out. Could not get into this one and found myself checking my phone through a lot of it.  We start with what appears will be a Women In Prison flick but they bust out and are on the run 10 minutes in. Along with a nun who goes on the run with them and also a male hero type. They run into situation…

  • The Fear

    The Fear


    Until the release from Vinegar Syndrome, I hadn’t heard anyone really say anything good about this flick. Other than myself. I saw this back when it was first out on video and I really liked it. Dug the sequel too. But now that it’s been released on blu I’ve spoken to a good pocket of wierdos like me that really like it. Though I can totally see why people would hate it. It’s a weird one for sure.  Our main…

  • Castle Freak

    Castle Freak


    Here we have the remake of the Stuart Gordon flick Castle Freak.  I like the original but it’s not one of my favorite Gordon films. So I wasn’t against a new telling. The movie starts off by introducing us to our main characters. A couple of young partying boyfriend and girlfriend. Them and their friends are instantly unlikable.  After a car accident, our main girl is now blind and her and her horrible boyfriend travel to a castle that she’s…

  • Adrenalin: Fear the Rush

    Adrenalin: Fear the Rush


    Had always known about this movie and remember when it came out but never actually watched it. I thought it was more of a B action movie. I mean it is, but it’s also horror. Had I known about the horror element I’d have seen it sooner. RONIN just put out this Blu-ray which made me actually watch the trailer and decide to get it. It’s directed by B movie king Albert Pyun. He’s got some awful movies out there…

  • All the Colors of the Dark

    All the Colors of the Dark


    Finally picked up the Severin Blu-ray of this Sergio Martino flick. First time watch. This flick has the trio from Sergio’s great The Strange Vice of Mrs. Wardh. Edwige Fenech, George Hilton, and Ivan Rassimov. Fenech’s character was in a car accident and has been terrorized by horrible nightmares. When she begins seeing blue eyed Rassimov stalking her, no one believes her. But when she confides in her new neighbor it leads her to a Satanic Cult that wants her.…