• Let the Women Wait!

    Let the Women Wait!


    Rewatched this just after the disastrous election results...

  • Arsenic and Old Lace

    Arsenic and Old Lace


    Comedy horror with Peter Lorre? Couldn't be more perfect!

  • The Organizer

    The Organizer


    Monicelli once said that Italian comedy is more realistic than neorealism and I think this film stands a a great example. Walking the tightrope between comedy and neorealism (well it's a film about the working class) reminding of DeSicca's Umberto D.

  • Shadows and Fog

    Shadows and Fog


    Didn't really like the ending but it's a really fun Allen film with an immaculate atmosphere!

  • The Nice Guys

    The Nice Guys



  • No Bears

    No Bears


    Panahi has admittedly changed and he doesn't make the simple everyday films on the roads of Tehran BUT on the good news he really seems to have find his personal style with his last few films which in my opinion will be what he will be remembered for.
    No Bears is phenomenal and really interesting, hope I gotta get even more out of it on a rewatch.

  • The Eight Mountains

    The Eight Mountains

    This has literally no reason to be 150 minutes, like it's so boring it ruins whatever interesting aspect this film has..

  • O Brother, Where Art Thou?

    O Brother, Where Art Thou?


    The humour in this one is one another level, perhaps Coens' funniest film but also one of my very favourites by them. After all... it's Homer's Odyssey!

  • Dragon's Return

    Dragon's Return


    Visually striking and very interesting sound design but it wasn't really memorable except for the cows scene. Anyway I liked this one, also it gotta be my first Slovak film and I really liked the plot too.

  • Onibaba



    This gotta be one of my favourite japanese films ever! Haunting as hell, perfect use of space, a masterclass in pacing and the ending is open to so many interpretations, I love it!

  • The Trial

    The Trial


    The cinematography is a blessing for the eyes, the directing and the staging are out of this world and Perkins performance is just one of a kind. Not Welles best as he stated but still very good!

  • Intimidation



    A great film noir lasting only 65 minutes with some really interesting directing choices and a very cool plot that caught me off guard many times during its short runtime!