Jaws ★★★★★

Talk about one of the most perfect summer movies ever!
Like to this day, this film is a masterpiece. Every time I start the movie and the first kill happens, I’m always, first, surprised it’s only rated PG and secondly like it’s violent. But it works and it’s makes us take the film serious and the score is amazing! Like highs and lows of scares that made my bitch ass jump more than I will ever admit! Fucking genius! Spielberg makes me always cry in ET and makes me scared the most in Jaws! And as an older gay man who loves old films, I picture myself as a Sassy Shark saying Yasssssss! Also like how great is the Sharks last scene? It’s a final fin wave in red smoky water!  I’m lit and if you read this far, well you’re just awesome! 🤗🎬🦈

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