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This review may contain spoilers.

Literally everyone on Earth has a theory on this movie so I, too, am going to make a theory. I should say beforehand that I am following the "death of the author" rule, so anything Bret Easton Ellis said about "what happened" I am ignoring.

I truly think nothing actually happened. Throughout American Psycho, we hear many people call Patrick Bateman a loser. Since everyone at their place of work looks the same, they never realize that they're insulting Patrick directly to Patrick. However, everyone is confident when insulting Patrick. Of all the people at work, they know he is the loser. No one comes up to Patrick and talks about how much of a loser someone else is.

In the end, we see his notebook of all his "murders". The apartment filled with all the bodies is gone. Nothing is there. I truly think in the movie version, everything happened in his mind.

In the book version Ellis wanted to show how no one cares about anything so no one cared that Patrick killed all those people. The movie is not the same as the book, so people shouldn't look to the book or to Ellis at what the movie is. When something is out there, the author really shouldn't comment on "what it all means". That can really ruin it for some people.

Anyway, on one last note I'd like to say that Mary Harron did a good job dealing with the subject matter of this movie. She never zoomed in on the violence like other directors would do. The movie is obviously rated R, but she never did unnecessary things. For example, when the prostitute is in the bathtub we never see her breasts. If a man directed this you bet her breasts would be on full display the whole time. Or Paul Allen's death. We never see the murder directly, just the blood spraying. Don't get me wrong this movie is still disturbing, but she did it in a good way.

Sometimes when you watch a movie you can tell right away if it's directed by a man or a woman. The violence in this movie is large and very present, don't get me wrong, but I think if a man directed this movie it would have been way grosser and glorified.

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