Mamma Mia! ★★★★

Sometimes when you're having a terrible week, you just need to sit back and watch Mamma Mia!. I was singing along to pretty much every song and couldn't stop dancing. Definitely helped me forget about my week.

When this movie was being made, it clearly was just made to be a fun time. People judging this movie for being "bad" don't understand that some movies are legitimately just made to be fun. Not all movies have something to "say". Criticize movies that are trying to shove a message into a story that's pretty silly *cough* Jurassic World *cough*.

I watched this with my mom and we both agreed that we actually liked how most people in this movie weren't traditionally "good" singers. It adds to the charm and makes it feel even more real. I understand why they sometimes dub voices, but my problem is that sometimes it is a little jarring. For example, I love West Side Story so much, but some of the dubbed singing voices are very obvious and a little distracting.

Great music, super fun story, great time! Mamma Mia! is easily one of the most fun movies ever.

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