Romeo + Juliet

Romeo + Juliet ★★★★

Back when I watched Romeo + Juliet in high school, I really hated it for multiple reasons. First reason, I was 14 and didn't understand Shakespearean English at all. Second reason, my teacher hated this movie, which in turn made me feel like I should hate it; why he decided to show three separate versions of the play I do not know.

It’s legitimately hilarious to me how Shakespeare is viewed to a modern audience. Now I'm not a Shakespeare expert nor have I ever communicated with the man, but I did take a course on him, and then another course on other Renaissance plays. Honestly, Shakespeare wrote really simple stories and they sometimes were really silly. A lot taught “lessons” of sorts but even then so many of his plays are just baffling. Winter’s Tale, anyone? People watching his plays often didn't really know what exactly the characters were saying, and relied on the acting to get what was happening.

Some of the acting in this is laughably over the top, but it all works in a weird way? Shakespeare probably would have loved this adaptation in full honesty. It's not perfect and I completely get if someone despises this movie, but after learning a lot about Shakespeare and more historical information about the time, I really appreciate Romeo + Juliet.

I do have to say I’ll never forgive this man for inspiring people to do “””weird””” Renaissance play adaptations.

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