Get Out

Get Out ★★★★

Deeply unsettling and very clever, Get Out gets its message across, while also being highly entertaining. It's more a satirical thriller than horror, and in my opinion, that works in its favor.

The first part renders such an uneasy atmosphere, with all the small details that simply seem off and accumulate. It's successful in portraying Chris' blackness in a sea of white people—danger ever-so present, building up until its boiling point. If you analyze it beyond its horror movie aspect, the climax functions as a great metaphor both for cultural appropriation and what white people deem Acceptable Black People. It doesn't delve deep enough into it, but it doesn't have to either; all the elements are there for viewers to analyze it themselves. Also, the finale is extremely satisfying, after watching everything unfold.

It's smart, it's original, it's poignant, and most of all, it's relevant.

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