Personal Shopper

Personal Shopper ★★★★½

What a profound depiction of grief. Haunting and chilling in the manifestations of the spirit world—the manifestations of mourning. Kristen Stewart delivers, yet again, a brilliant performance (with a killer wardrobe—God, I wish that were my wardrobe).

I love how Assayas embraces digital mediums (as he did in Clouds of Sils Maria). Texting forms an integral part of the story, and it's used in such an authentic way, a way that renders its effects only more chilling. The tension is palpable throughout; it's never released until Maureen releases it at the end, which causes not so much a sigh of relief, but rather a sense of comprehension and completion.

As the final scene unfolded, I found myself in a state of complete bewilderment and awe. Only when the credits started rolling did I finally make sense of what just happened; then, I started crying.

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