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  • Slap Her... She's French

    Slap Her... She's French


    Completely unhinged teen comedy that never got a theatrical release in America for some reason. The cattiest film of its kind, meaner than Mean Girls and less racist (Fr*nch people don’t count).
    Also a great 2000s Bush era republican satire, would be a great double feature w/ Saved! (2004).

  • Southland Tales

    Southland Tales


    Second time watching the Cannes cut in 2 days, somebody please stop me. This is Richard Kelly’s Yeezus and if they don’t give him his six hour event sequel I’ll kill myself and I swear to god. 

    This is my fucking religion. Every frame a painting. Every line a prophecy.  WHO IS DOING IT LIKE RICHARD?!?!

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