Kicking and Screaming ★★★★

I relate to this movie far more than I would care to mention. Its the unrhythmic dialogue drenched in wit, with it's nihilistic point of view that really makes me fall in love with this. It lives and breathes with it's rambling plot and pessimistic attitude. 

Grover along with his band of pretentious and lazy college graduates sit around all day talking about the importance of crosswords and the best Jason movies, while waiting for their real lives to start. I think this film perfectly captures the feeling of endless floating that we call "just hanging out". Kicking and Screaming definitely has it's "trying to hard pseudo deep" thoughts that, honestly work really well for the film.

 I've hit this stage already and I haven't even got to college yet. Hopefully I turn out to be more of a Jane than a Max.

"Aim for the stars... and hit the roof"

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