There Will Be Blood

There Will Be Blood ★★★★★

The title There Will Be Blood is a biblical reference to Exodus, where Aaron is told to smite the waters of Egypt so they become blood. Blood would flow through the lands, poisoning the fish making it undrinkable for the people of Egypt. However in Paul Tomas Anderson's 2007 masterpiece the blood of the land and driving force of the film: Oil! 

A stone cold and bone chilling piece, TWBB examines the two pillars America was built on, capitalism and religion. The two vessels for these ideals, Daniel Plainview and Eli Sunday, show us how each is intertwined with the other. 

The technical achievements of the film including the barren cinematography, Jonny Greenwood's electrifying yet hurting score, and PTA's elegant and ghastly screenplay all culminate in a frigid and offputting atmosphere, that elevates Daniel Day-Lewis' already great performance to legendary. 

Getting to the performances, I'm of the belief that DDL displays the best acting of the 21st century as Plainview. Mostly subtle, but explosive when needed Day-Lewis puts on an acting clinic as he gives us a cautionary tale about where greed, hatred, and isolation can take a man. You also have to applaud Paul Dano for being able to go toe to toe with the likes of DDL. His performance as the false prophet, Eli Sunday only helps enrich what this film brings to the table.

Here, one of the best directors of his generation, Paul Thomas Anderson shows us what flawless film making looks like. Some say it's boring, though I'm always fully captivated by the darkness that in engulfs every frame of this modern epic.

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