Upgrade ★★★½

The reductionist part of me says this is The Crow by way of Ex Machina.

Aside from all the obvious cool points, including interesting cinematography, a good story and competent script, and a very punk/technoir atmosphere that appeals to me, I like the way the narrative confused me. Not to spoil anything, but I started this sure it was gonna turn out a certain way, but then I realized it wasn't, but then suddenly it was again, which was a little disappointing, and then it went utterly stupid but turned out not to be. It's hard to explain to someone who hasn't seen it. But yes, I enjoyed this quite a bit.

These days I almost never watch Western movies except when I go to the theater, so this is gonna sound like faint praise with all the qualifiers I have to add to it, but it's a sincere compliment: this is the best experience I've had watching an American movie for the first time at home in, oh, at least a year or so. Again, that's better than it sounds.

Sidenote for Flickcharters: this enters my chart as the highest-ranked film that doesn't get 8/10 (I do those things by strict percentages). In other words, even if I don't re-watch it and move it up my chart, it'll still hit that mark after I've ranked just a few more new movies below it. So, maybe just assume that extra half-star is already there, if you're using my experience to decide whether to watch this.

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