Dating Amber ★★★★

Another complete delight from the land of the bogs and the little people.

But be warned, this is not for the feint of heart or the right of wing, not because of all the talk of (whisper) homosexuality, but for the many, many mentions of shifting (it's an Irish thing) and fingering.

Eddie (Fionn O'Shea) is in complete denial about his sexuality, afraid that his parents are on the verge of breaking up (his brother too, who spends most of his time handing out leaflets urging everyone to vote against divorce), and desperate to live up to his father's expectations and join the army, despite an inability to do even one pull-up. The manly posters covering his bedroom wall are a brave attempt to reinforce the belief that he really is definitely straight, if only the photos of David Niven from A Matter of Life and Death weren't suck a giveaway.

On the other hand Amber (Lola Pettigrew, who might be taken for a younger version of Sharon Horgan, who appropriately plays Eddie's mother) has come to terms with her feelings, even if she hasn't told anyone, and dreams of escaping to London, which way back in the dim and distant past was viewed as a more enlightened, egalitarian and hopeful place.

Apparently that's the dream of every young person in any Irish movie ever, the irony being that nowadays exactly the opposite is true, and we all dream of taking the trip in the opposite direction.

It's Amber who comes up with the bright idea of the two of them forming an alliance to provide one another with a beard, even if Eddie desperately wants to believe that they are a couple.

Don't bother to put your socks on because they'll be charmed right off.