The Dummy Talks ★★

In any film which involves murder and stars Jack Warner, he's got to be the copper, hasn't he? Wrong, here he's playing himself, doing the act he was famous for before he went into pictures and spent most of the rest of his life playing policemen.

Meanwhile the flatfoot on the trail of a ventriloquist suspected of being a forger, who is then murdered, is played by perennial silly ass Claude Hulbert.

Set in a theatre with the investigation going on during an evening performance, it's not a case of the show getting in the way of the plot, so much as the other way around. So we get to see a singer, an all female big band, a mind reader, an impressionist, roller skaters and a couple of acrobatic acts.

Often times this sort of thing is an excuse simply to put a parade of acts in front of the camera, with some fill-in behind the stage, but here it's pretty much a 50/50 split.

Even so it's a film which will be of more interest to you fans of 1940s musical hall acts, the rest of us can afford to give it a miss.