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Dan has written 9 reviews for films rated ★★½ .

  • Robin Hood

    Robin Hood


    A strong meh movie, with a thrilling middle third ruined by the most tepid opening act ever and ending on a sequel for what this movie *should have been*.

  • Slender Man

    Slender Man


    An utter waste of a decent premise, the attempts at dissecting the memetic power of folklore in the modern era napalm-bombed by frustrating editing. There’s the skeleton of a more interesting movie here but I have to wonder whether or not a lot of this movie got cut to retain a PG-13 rating, as much of the horror present in the trailers is just....not in the movie and we never see any of the characters presumably gruesome fates.

  • Bubble



    Soderbergh isn’t as good at shining a spotlight on the common man as his contemporaries like Linklater are, or predecessors like David Lynch have. Not really sure the point of this other than an interesting experiment

  • Sully



    I identify a lot with Tom Hanks as Sully because I too am extremely anxious that I'm very good at my job and also I'm constantly on quaaludes

  • The Purge

    The Purge


    Never really lives up to the concept. That's why God invented sequels, though!

  • Ain't Them Bodies Saints

    Ain't Them Bodies Saints


    They ain't.

  • 2 Guns

    2 Guns


    Commits the biggest crime an action movie can commit: is boring as SHIT.

  • Star Trek Into Darkness

    Star Trek Into Darkness


    Benedict Cumberbatch is living prove that lizard men from Mars walk among us.

  • House at the End of the Street

    House at the End of the Street


    Two of these stars are for Jennifer Lawrence, she does a pretty good job in this role. Otherwise, pretty awful schlocky horror movie with probably the dumbest twist ever, on top of a really interesting twist.