Black Widow

Black Widow ★★

It’s hard to rate Marvel films because they’re so interconnected and tied together that they feel more like a Tv show rather than individual films. 

That being said, this film was very disappointing. 

There were elements that were good, David Harbour and Florence Pugh were both excellent in the film, managing to be both funny and dramatic but in a very natural way rather then feeling scripted.
I also admired how this film tried to handle darker themes then previous entries in the MCU. These were particularly effective in the scenes when the film decided to slow down and allow characters to breathe.

However, this film is quite a mess. The main issue is a lack of tension and stakes. Obviously, there is the problem that this came out after Endgame where we know what happens to Black Widow meaning that we know she will never be seriously hurt. But on top of that, by having characters smash into the ground from long heights, be thrown through glass or fall through fire and not even be bruised, the suspense is gone because it feels nothing can hurt anyone or have any significant effect. It also doesn’t help that with the use of fast editing and shakey cam, we can’t see the action clearly making it hard to be invested in what’s on screen.

While it’s not the worst Marvel film, it definitely is disappointing and not the best to the new phase of films lined up for the upcoming years.

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