Inside Llewyn Davis ★★★★

Even now, almost a month later, and I'm still undecided on what my favourite film of the year so far is. Whilst 12 Years A Slave has been the one film to properly blow me away, and Wolf of Wall Street being mightily impressive too, I adored Inside Llewyn Davis.

I'm something of a late-comer to the Coen brothers catalogue of films. Probably only in the last 2-3 years that I've watched anything of theirs, and only within the last 12 months that I've suddenly got them. I see now why Joel and Ethan might be somebodies favourite film makers. I've even now inducted them into my sort-of-series of lists ranking my personal favourite film directors.

I had quite high expectations going into Inside Llewyn Davis. Or, rather, when I first saw the short trailer for ILD I didn't think it looked that appealing, but once I saw the full trailer, and heard some of the music from the film, I started to get more and more anxious to see it. And it not only lived up to my expectations, but it exceeded them.

My mate Jackson Tyler (‏@Tylea002) summed up the film perfectly when he said "Llewyn Davis is a true man of constant sorrow." It describes all you need to know about the story, as Oscar Isaac brilliantly portrays folk singer Llewyn on a journey from nowhere to nowhere else. He wallows in his self pity, whilst all the time grieving silently for perhaps his only friend and former musical partner who recently committed suicide. But there's an arrogance about him, an ego, some hint of a fire that greedily consumes all around it, burning anyone who gets too close. I just found Llewyn to be an absolutely fascinating character and could have easily watched another couple of hours worth of him swanning about, playing guitar, and ignoring life's problems.

One final note: the music in this film is so good it actually became the first soundtrack I ever bought. I must have listened to it twice over as soon as I got him from the cinema. I was considering littering my review with the odd "OUTER" and "SPACE" here and there, but thought better of it.

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