There Will Be Blood ★★★★½

This was the first time I've ever seen There Will Be Blood. It's also only the third DDL film I've seen and he's been great in all of them (My Left Foot & Lincoln being the other two.)

I'm going to start by mentioning a negative. I don't normally, but as there were hardly any of them, I just need to get it out of the way. For me, it was slightly, probably, maybe a wee bit too long. Some bits seemed to go on for just a little bit longer than I would've thought necessary; but mostly, it is an incredible film.

I don't really have an awful lot to say about TWBB anyway as it's one of those films I think most people have already seen talked about to death. People seem to be either in the "it's overrated boring tosh" camp or think it's brilliant. I reckon depending on what you think of the opening 10 minutes, that will more than likely determine your preference.

Personally, I loved the opening scenes. And I equally loved the final 10 minutes. I drank that milkshake right up. SLLUURRPPP