Wolf Creek 2 ★★★½

A big improvement over the previous outback torture-porn movie, as Mick, the knife wielding, gun toting, kangaroo killing, tourist hating nutter is back to murder some more unsuspecting back packers in gruesome twisted ways.

I'm trying to remember how often I squirmed when watching the original, and I can't for the life of me remember which of these two was worse for that. They were both pretty violent and nasty, which, if you're honest, is the main reason you're watching Wolf Creek for, isn't it. A believable, well constructed story of survival and redemption is not what the main focus is ever going to be for a film like this. It's purposefully designed and crafted to make you feel as uncomfortable as is humanly possible. In that sense, it does the job.

However, I do genuinely think that Wolf Creek 2 is better than just that. Its strongest aspect is obviously its ability to make you let out a short gasp in horror, but the dark humour feels more intelligently bedded in this time, and it's just great to see Mick back on screen again.