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  • Don't Panic

    Don't Panic


    So yeah, how about those pajamas......

    Saw this at the 2017 Dismember the Alamo in Denver. It was described as a "banger". And it was anything but. Found to be pretty bland and mediocre. If I watched it at home, my reaction would be "meh". However, the people next to me were laughing so hard at the dubbing and wardrobe choices, it was a loathsome experience. Don't Panic is not gloriously awful like some Bruno Mattei films. There's no combination…

  • Noroi: The Curse

    Noroi: The Curse


    This was one impressive found footage Japanese horror film. It was never on my radar in the '00s, but very happy I stumbled upon it on SHUDDER.
    More creeping dread and wrongness than jump scares. Recommended.

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  • Killer Constable

    Killer Constable


    Plays like a spaghetti western wuxia about a constable who would give Judge Dredd a run for his money. Tragedy and double crosses abound!
    Nowhere near as studio bound and stagey as some better known Shaw Bros martial arts films.
    The fighting is mostly visceral and gruesome swordplay.
    Killer Constable delivers the goods.

  • Almost Human

    Almost Human


    It's the Tomas Milan show!
    His portrayal of murderous scumbag Guillio Sacchi is wonderfully over the top and entertaining.
    Almost Human lacks the action of a lot of Eurocrime, but the sleaze & Milan are firing on all cylinders.