Eternals ★★★½

I don’t feel like reviewing it now because it’s been a long day but I’ll do my best anyway.

I’ve been a fan of marvel ever since I was a kid. Watched almost every one in the theater and they were pretty much an obsession of mine growing up. After experiencing the end of the Infinity Saga (Endgame) my perspective on cinema really changed. I loved movies for awesome characters and awesome action but I was unaware how emotionally charged a movie can be. After endgame I started watching movies differently and seeking out cinema different from what I’m accustomed to.

Anyway when the promotional material started coming out for this film I got excited because it looked like marvel was trying something new. I thought it would be very good so I reserved IMAX tickets 3 weeks in advance for my first marvel film to see with one of my friends. And then the reactions came out. What I thought was going to be marvel’s next triumph turned out to be marvel’s biggest misfire as the first rotten MCU film. That was honestly pretty sad to see but still made sure to see it to form my own opinion…

I just came back from the theater and I did really like it. I don’t think it deserves the hate it is getting but I also see how this would not work for many people. I’ll admit I haven’t read any negative reviews in detail but from what I’ve been hearing the main issue is the emotional detachment from the characters. Ten new characters being introduced into a single film with different personalities, powers, stories…it can be hard to follow. I get that but I found it rather interesting and while I didn’t feel attached I was definitely engaged. I was excited to see who they’ll introduce next and what their value in the story will be.

Most of the film is exposition heavy but it isn’t plain exposition. The exposition has a personality. Yes the characters can say much more than asked for but it keeps its personality while telling you know what you need to know. Early on in the film I knew all the characters and their skill sets and that is hard to do but I think it was done really well. Because of this the writing can feel off but it reminded me of the superhero fantasies I had as a kid while watching the condensed episodes. 

I can’t say I really loved any of the characters but I didn’t dislike any of them either. It felt very much like a fantasy epic so I don’t consider it a flaw. But I do find them distinct which is definitely important for an ensemble film. I also really liked how their powers were unique and had purpose. I feel many blockbuster comic book films these days don’t have much diversity in their power sets but this one did and I have to give it credit for that. The fact that I am even mentioning this is a plus because I haven’t really been amazed by action like I used to but somehow this film brought me back to that. The action is very creative because of the pre-established powers and I didn’t feel numb during it.

I have a lot to give this film credit for although I don’t think it will have much of a lasting impact on me. But I definitely think it is good and definitely worth watching. While I lost the attachment I’ve had with these heroes in the previous phases, I think phase 4 will get me there to an extent and the risks they are taking (whether they pay off or not) are a noble cause.

P.S. I feel my review may feel repetitive or not interesting and as I said earlier it was a long day and couldn’t write much better.

P.S.P.S. Please share your thoughts on the film below so we could have a discussion on it and so we could see both sides of our arguments.

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