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  • Babylon



    decent at first but gets generic as it goes on. the ending is sappy af

    tobey maguire...

  • Infinity Pool

    Infinity Pool


    this was p good overall but way too violent for my taste and too over the top in style in general. every act felt too easy and too obvious. even that ending was chintzy in an on-the-nose way

    things like this are dark but not interesting and dont really leave you with much mystery or anything to chew on. i honestly would categorize it as a subgenre of an Eat The Rich style horror except its ‘watch the rich be…

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  • Bliss



    Okay I watched this at midnight while volunteering for Cinepocalypse at the Music Box Theatre and it's one of those boring horror movies with a lot of gore and MetAL music and HOT CHIX, but you know what, people liked it.

    My expert, hatin' ass theory for why the audience in my theater liked it?

    It's got the general vibe + visuals of Mandy, but instead of Nic Cage, there's a lot of HOT CHIX spewing NASTY CUSS WORDS and…

  • Jennifer's Body

    Jennifer's Body


    Jennifer's Body totally fucks.

    It's a difficult to grasp yet totally effective piece of feminist entertainment because it's thesis proffers two opposing ideas. In fact, it's the two opposing ideas that all people who identify as women are forced to hold in their heads at one time. It is the reason women can righteously rage against men like Harvey Weinstein and joyously shake their asses to music with wild, misogynist lyrics. It is the reason Laura Palmer actively seeks out…