Joker ★★★★★

We welcome the Walter Hamada era of DC films in earnest with the Joker and wow holy shit! As much as I love some of his comedies, I genuinely never knew that Todd Philips had this movie in him. I think many people will lay all the praise on Joaquin Phoenix and you know, fair fucks it's hard to blame them, but I think the movie is ultimately a melting pot of star, director and producer all looking to either to continue delivering greatness, prove themselves worthy of it, or just save the fucking day.

There's not enough superlatives to praise Joaquin's performance and plenty of people have already. Arthur Fleck is such a brilliant character in his own right even without the make up and purple suit. He offers a genuinely sympathetic take on the Joker even when he does monstrous things, and it's not a bullshit Thanos "He has a point" thing where he absolutely doesn't have a fucking point and you should be screamed at until you cry if you think he does, but the whole movie presents such a frank picture of how poor the systems in place for the treatment of the mentally ill are you can't help but feel heartbroken for him when it keeps getting worse.

Perhaps extremely appropriately this may be the funniest movie ever where I wasn't able to bring myself to laugh. All the "comedic" situations are so uncomfortable you're more like to find yourself squirming. Hildur Guðnadóttir composes one of the absolutely best scores I've ever heard. It's haunting and captures the spirit of what a horrible world grimy 80's Gotham is perfectly.

The movie is a frank and in depth look at both how completely mental health is ignored and also reflective of todays class warfare. It's a big warning sign that celebrity billionaires don't give a good fuck about you the individual be it Donald Trump or Bob Iger. There's a lot to unpeel about this movie that will need multiple viewings. But what's so insane is that white woke "critics" are going after this movie, when what it has to say is something they should be championing. All it proves however is that they themselves, are the real incels.

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