Parasite ★★★★

Black and White edition.

Parasite is a fascinating film about the ever growing class divide we face ourselves in globally. It's certainly a choice to present the lower class family as the titular parasites, but it's ultimately the film's point, the rich may be condescendingly aloof, but that the poor have been left to turn on each other to stay afloat. Supposedly a black comedy, but honestly for me, too insane and morbidly chilling to laugh about. Even coming to this movie as comparatively late as I have, I'm beyond glad I was able to go in cold, this movie was definitely unpredictable and kept me on edge.

I'd rented this via Apple and they didn't mention anything about it being the black and white version, but I'm genuinely glad I got to see it that way. It feels like it adds another layer of morbidity to the film. Some of the exterior shots in town, especially around the flood feel like something out of the universal horror era. I'll absolutely have to check out the colour version, but to be honest, part of me feels like I'd be more content sticking with the black and white.

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