Shrek ★★★★

Shrek still holds up really well. It's got a really good consistent blend of adult and children's humour, kids find it hilarious and just when it gets too dumb, they'll throw in something not to lose the adults.

It plays with fantasy tropes really well too. Every time you see a fairy tale you know, it's quickly subverted in not only a funny, but actually rather inventive way. Especially the gingerbread man getting tortured which is fairly horrific the older you get.

The entire voice cast is brilliant. Mike Myers going with a Scottish accent was absolutely genius, they made the right call rerecording over his normal voice because I don't imagine it worked anywhere near as well. Eddie Murphy is a blast as donkey. I'm not sure how they didn't go overboard and make the character overbearing, he absolutely works in this movie. Cameron Diaz is super fun as Fiona and really lends to the character's powerful attitude well.

The gags come fast and non stop and the character's interplay is always great, it's a 90 minute movie that feels 9 minutes long.

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