Upgrade ★★★★½

Upgrade is one of those movies that comes around every decade or so. That really inventive science fiction movie that was made totally DIY style, in the vein of The Terminator, Cube, Moon, Universal Soldier: Regeneration, just putting as much money as it can into distracting you with enough good looking effects meanwhile letting the concept and performances do the heavy lifting.

Essentially this boils down to a cyberpunk Death Wish well mostly anyway, or at least that's what the movie lulls you into thinking. It ultimately becomes a cautionary tale on that user terms of agreement that you scroll past and accept without ever reading it. Ok, obviously that's selling the film way short, but you get what I mean.

I never get tired of low budget movies using basic tricks to overcome their limitations as often it not only helps them stand out, but still do so 30 years down the line. There's some great stuff in that vein here, including a change in the cinematography (Or maybe frame rate?) when STEM takes over Logan Marshall-Green's character and Logan's jerky robotic physical performance.

It's really in Logan Marshall-Green's overall performance in the film that helps elevate an already strong film into great territory. The internet ran the Not Tom Hardy jokes into the ground circa Prometheus time and while it's amusing, it also doesn't do any justice to how great Marshall-Green really is. I hope Upgrade is finally the kick in the ass his career deserves. Shame he came and went as Shocker, hopefully someone gets him a Star Wars or DC gig.

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