Marya E. Gates

There's about 300 films I've seen (mostly short films and rare silents) that are missing from Letterboxd and TMDB. This will forever irk me.

Favorite films

  • Little Women
  • Bright Star
  • Under the Tuscan Sun
  • Crossing Delancey

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  • Get to Know Your Rabbit


  • The V.I.P.s


  • Tarzan and His Mate


  • The Cemetery Club


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  • To Sleep with Anger

    To Sleep with Anger


    damn Danny Glover is so great in this, as are Mary Alice and Ethel Ayler

  • Alma's Rainbow

    Alma's Rainbow


    "I felt that, and still feel that Black culture gets put in these boxes. When you live long enough you see patterns, and at that time what was considered authentic Black culture was sort of Black male testosterone and a kind of pathology that got mapped onto Black people in Black culture. I have always pushed against that, particularly when I didn't feel that it was authentic. For me, it moved into an area of being almost pornographic in terms…

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  • The House

    The House


    All three stories feature characters so obsessed with the house that they forget the most basic truth: a house is not necessarily a home. Cocker supplies a song over the credits with lyrics that underscore this, crooning, “home is where you never feel alone, a house is nothing but a collection of bricks.” However, with a house as magical (or cursed?) as the Van Schoonbeek estate, letting go proves a much harder task than just coming to this realization.

    [Read my full review at The Playlist]

  • Nope



    the first true UAP movie