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  • Vampires



    awful, completely unnecessary sexism all the time.

    beside of that an amazingly dumb main character, that's supposed to be an expert, even a postmodern one that comments "haven't you seen a vampire movie?" but only gets the "plot twists" (euphemism) long after the slowest audience.

    still, the genre-frame is so well (re-)constructed that most parts functioned for me.

    Nonetheless unbelievable that it's supposed to be based on a "novel". Must read that.

  • The Fog

    The Fog


    smoke machines, oh smoke machine,

    they got themselves a lot of

    smoke machines, oh smoke machine,

    rarely a special effect dust, that's not as nice as those

    smoke machines, oh smoke machine,

    how I love to watch the work of

    smoke machines, oh smoke machine.

  • Mermaids



    I was expecting Cher to play a real mermaid and this to be a fantasy movie. It was not and this kind of genre is really not for me, also not being seduced by a charming cast. Still I couldn't resist to develop extreme sympathies with everyone. And the Cher-factor is not a small one.

  • The Hateful Eight

    The Hateful Eight

    damn what a mean flick

  • Scream



    uh, real celluloid, what a difference

  • Jason Bourne

    Jason Bourne


    How Julia Stiles leaves how working place in a university-library after the electricity was shut down (point a gun on everyone in the room, put gasoline on her chair and computer, light it up, leave without a word), inspired me for life.

  • Tokyo Tribe

    Tokyo Tribe

    Oh no, this is not the Sono-flick with the turtle, dammit, I wanted the one with the turtle... It was awkwardly linear and consequent for a Sono. I mean, it was always too much, but in direct comparison, I liked the overload-movies, the ones that have at least three movies of their own too much in them, much better than if the director decides on one concept and actually pulls it through.

  • Miss Lovely

    Miss Lovely

    what interested me most was observing how insanely hard it was for me to keep being interested. not a good sign probably.

  • 3 from Hell

    3 from Hell


    Super-difficult film to enjoy. Still some moments and aspects were surprising to me. The dramaturgy, which had two movies in a similar scheme, each with a similar untypical ending. Small dialogue details, like the tough main character, admitting jokingly to his partner-in-crime that he's really surprised that they have made it that far. Yeaih, but mainly some aspects of the dramaturgy.

  • Love



    I hate this kind of male main character, in films and in real life. Of course Noé is a bit overidentifying with him, which is a bit a problem, but he's relying on the pictures and the fixed camera enough for my taste to even that problem out.
    Of course the title provokes a lot of people, because they don't see what happens as love, I'd also speak of desire or lust rather than of love, but actually I think…

  • Ludwig - Requiem for a Virgin King

    Ludwig - Requiem for a Virgin King

    Started it almost a week ago, wanted to finish it today, but it's really hard to produce the mood for this for me after a full day of work. The first sitting had also been tough already. Today, instead, I watched two episodes of Steven Universe, went to see a live show and then did the dishwashing while listening to Mojave 3. Now I feel stupid but soothed. Will probably never ever watch Ludwig now. A pity.

  • Leaving


    The are characters in movies, that are so very awful, that I can hardly concentrate on anything but becoming angry and frustrated with them and the worlds that they represent. In Partir the husband of the main character is such a case. The person that the actor has to play is such a terrible person, that I even at some points thought that his acting was not all so well. But I think this was not because his acting was…