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  • What We Left Unfinished

    What We Left Unfinished

    Afghanistan. Directed by Mariam Ghani. Criterion Channel

    March 23: My 11th film in the March Around the World Film Challenge.

    Censorship and filmmaking in the changing landscape of Afghani politics. Ghani works with 5 unfinished films and blends them together with interviews, stock footage and intertitles to give a glimpse into the complex situations filmmakers faced.

  • What We Shared

    What We Shared

    UK. Directed by Kamila Kuc. Ann Arbor Film Festival 2022

    March 23: My 10th film in the March Around the World Film Challenge. Yes, I realize it isn't likely I'll watch all 30 now that I've gotten so off schedule, but I'm continuing to forge ahead.

    This film has rich, dreamlike imagery combined with voice overs and on screen text that conveys a sense of authenticity, but what are we really seeing here?

    The film is very clearly not factual.…

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  • The Two Faces of a Bamileke Woman

    The Two Faces of a Bamileke Woman


    I love to watch films where daughters try to understand their mothers! Glad to have had the opportunity to see Rosine Mfetgo Mbakam's #documentary The Two Faces of a Bamiléké Woman. The filmmaker returns to her village in Cameroon to introduce her son to his grandmother and to help answer questions about her own identity by interviewing her mother and other women in the village. It's a moving exploration of how self identity can be probed through cultural and ancestoral…

  • Land



    Land, directed by and starring Robin Wright, is the 6th film I've watched this month for the March Around the World Film Challenge. I appreciated that Nevada Women's Film Festival and Focus Features offered me the opportunity to stream it.

    Watching the film during the global pandemic gave the experience an added dimension as I experienced a woman who chooses to step away from society and live in a rugged environment. So many people are struggling with the sense of…