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There's something deeply satisfying and Classic Canadian about ol'Deaner and Terry smashin a Calgary Transit shelter with a 2x4 while cranking AC/DC. Getting fuckin right good and pissed shotgunnin Pilsners and drunk fellin trees in Nanninga Park. Knitting yourself a beer advertisement t-shirt and makin 400 bucks a week before the government takes their part, you know? Hittin rock bottom, makin it in a band called 'Creeper' or goin solo and teaching children how to play guitar. Probably not cursin "Tron Funkin Blo" when you're about to expire and like when all you got is 5 words left when your face is totally bunged up. Diddlin your cousin for 6 or 7 minutes. Bein attacked by a hawk when you're flipping flank steaks. Renting a lake with your uncle and gettin some of the best burgers you ever had from a bowling alley. One last go with a high quality motel hooker in High River before they chop off your left testicle. Bin There, Done That.

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