Kill Bill: The Whole Bloody Affair ★★★★½

*Note: this is not a review of the Whole Bloody Affair. I sadly haven’t been one of the lucky bunch to see this as a whole. I’ve always considered both Kill Bill films as one awesome experience so here we go.*

Now I wasn’t planning on revisiting the Kill Bill films today. However I was looking into Tarantino movies and I thought fuck it lets watch them again. Kill Bill was the first ever Tarantino movie I ever watched I remember it was on a plane last year heading on a band trip. And since then my love for these two films have gone on and on over the multiple viewings I’ve had for them. Now I consider both these films as one movie because when you watch these films back to back your fully engaged for 4 hours and its so much fun watching this awesome blood bath violet story come to life. Now I would be so hyped to have access to the uncut whole bloody affair but for now lets talk about both parts and how much I love them.

From the first scene your completely hooked into this storyline. When the Bride utters the words “Its your baby Bill.” It gets you in on whats coming after. What I love about the sequence at the beginning of this film is that they show you a scene to get you hooked right away. Even though it takes a while to figure out whats happening that first fight scene was one of my favourites of the movie because it sets the tone for whats to come as a story. Then the rest from there provides us with an awesome buildup to the first encounter chronology wise through this entire buildup you cant wait for this battle. You have awesome scenes building up. What I love about these scenes building up and in this entire movie in general was how long and detailed they were. They didn’t rush through a single scene in this film which made them so much more meaningful and made you actually give a shit about what was happening. After the first battle you get into the second part and the second part was brilliant as well. The backstory around the main story was great and gave some awesome character development. The ending was also perfect and the plot twist made it even better.

The character development was also awesome. The Bride will probably go down as one of my favourite movie characters of all time, she was such a badass and her arch was insane. The perfect anti-hero. Uma Thurman really killed it in this film as the Bride. The enemies were all really great as well Bill, O-Ren, Budd, Elle are all memorable villains. Quentin Tarantino’s direction was awesome as well his touch I can honestly say made these movies what they were.

Overall two classic films that I believe should be recognized as one. The only thing I would really change about this movie is the pace despite the long and awesome scenes we get this film also gets a little overdrawn at some points. However these two movies are still fucking awesome and 100% deserve a watch. Now if only we could experience them both as one🤔. Im looking at you Tarantino.

Overall: 9/10