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  • Dog Day Afternoon

    Dog Day Afternoon


    Sidney Lumet. What a man.

    There is something so uncomplicated about the way he makes films. Decide how best to shoot the film and each character, then shoot it until the plot/character changes and then change/adapt style accordingly.

    This sounds obvious, like something all directors must do. Where the difference lies is in how pragmatic he is, whereas most directors develop their own style across genre's and throughout their career. Pragmatism is his style. There's no indulgences and tastes he…

  • Face/Off



    This film is mental. Absolutely mental. Why on earth is a film where Nicolas Cage and John Travolta wear each others faces two and a half hours long? You couldn't have got two more ridiculous personalities to have played these two characters. Pacino and Tom Cruise would've made a good pairing in an alternate reality, but neither are as strange as these two.

    Travolta's Cage impression is better than Cage's Travolta, but Cage is so ridiculous in this you can…