Jaws ★★★★★

"Duuhh na duuh na duh na duh duh naaa" Finally saw the movie that created that terrifying melody.

When the premise of a movie is "big shark, eats people, kill it", it would be very easy to just use that idea and nothing else. But because this was Spielbergs first movie and the "shark" was almost impossible to use, they had to rely on great tension, amazing writing and memorable characters, and luckily they had them all. Steven Spielberg is one of my favourite directors and this movie showed the world his potential. This film is insanely tense and the incredible score by John Williams just makes the scenes that much better. But for me the best part of this movie is the characters, Roy Scheider's Brody is perfect person to route for, he's a police officer but he's a family man and he is always terrified of the water but he risks it all to do the right thing. Robert Shaw is also hella entertaining as Quint the man brought in to kill the shark, but my god, Richard Dreyfuss as Hooper is my favourite, so funny and awkward but smart and prepared to get this thing. Honestly just a classic for a reason.

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