Roma ★★★★★

It is so hard to write about a film that has made you feel so much without rambling endlessly, but I shall try nonetheless.

Everyone is obviously aware of the talent of Cuarón from his previous works, but Roma has surpassed anything he has done before for its sheer nature of humanity Cuarón said this was a love letter to the women in his life and it clearly shows, because the male characters are more irrelevant and only provide further proof that, as Teresa says, "[las mujeres] siempre estamos solas" (women are always alone"). At the end of the day, a woman like Cleo carries the entire weight of a household in her shoulders, she carries her pain, the loss of her child, the longing for a love that wasn't reciprocated, the constant wondering about her mother and her town...Yalitza Aparicio, of course, deserve all the praise and more. I do hope awards recognize the immense performance and talent they have before them. I know one of the last shots of the film was used in the poster but it really does not make it any less powerful - Roma is a love letter to women, to their resilience, to their love and to their strength. And for that, I thank Cuarón, for there are few male directors I could see doing such a tremendous work. I only hope we get more films like these from female writers and directors in the future.

Last but not least, as a lover of black & white photography, this was a constant gift to my eyes. Every lingering shot of a seemingly ordinary object left you wanting to see more, it wanted you to look closely at every single thing within frame, even when they were out of focus. That is the real power of amazing photography, to capture a moment in time and leave us wanting more. All in all, a pure work of art that I hope everyone will watch, sooner or later. I truly believe this film is proof of why cinema exists and it is so important.

P.S.: I truly hope this film will still be back in certain Madrid theaters when I get back from my holidays next week because I need to appreciate this masterpiece on a big screen.