Titanic ★★★★★

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To say it's over three hours long, this film really doesn't feel like it. At least not the majority of the time. And even when it drags it's still completely necessary.
Titanic deserved all of the praise it got. The acting is incredible, as is the direction, the set and score make the movie feel all the more accurate to the time period, and the sinking of the ship is just as intense as it wants to be.
It's rare that a film can pull of being a romantic drama and a gripping disaster movie without feeling forced in one or both areas, but James Cameron made it work extremely well. The long runtime helps build both sides of the story, thus neither feels rushed in the slightest. The two leads feel well developed and are easily likable, something very necessary for a romantic movie like this.
Every main and secondary character feels memorable, with amazing introductions, development, lines, and actors to help out with this.
Then there's the sinking, something so terrifying to watch and also so well made it feels like you're there at points. It's certainly worth the wait to see and ends the film perfectly.

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