Close Encounters of the Third Kind

Close Encounters of the Third Kind ★★★★★

♩ when you wish upon a star,
makes no difference who you are.
Anything your heart desires,
will come to you. ♩

If aliens touched down tomorrow and turned the world upside down, I'd probably panic for a couple of hours and then watch Close Encounters to calm down. Why? I find it's faith in humanity endlessly uplifting. In the face of something as profoundly uncertain as first contact, people react only with a desire to understand. To reach across the chasm of the cosmos and embrace the uncertainty, looking into the stars with a nervous anticipation. It's an affirmation of the importance of the individual, a worthwhile reminder of the oft spoken, rarely felt sentiment that "this", whatever this is, matters and means something. That our lives matter and mean something, no matter what exists in the cosmos somewhere far away. Our continued search for understanding is universal, as made evident by the simple, beautiful act of communication between Lacombe and an alien towards the end of the film. Our interactions are everything. Close Encounters is a staggering, singular piece of science fiction that makes something as small as a smile last forever.

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