Drive ★★★★★

A story of a driver elevated into something mythical, Drive boasts a hyper-stylized blend of savage violence, striking imagery and a pulsing, seductively synth-y score. Refn's tale of criminals, innocents and those somewhere in between is told in fairy-tale format, a classic tale of love, revenge and low-key madness; every frame dripping with menace and suspense. At heart it's a celebration of existential anti-heroes, recalling the romanticized chivalry of gangsters and operatic nature of tragedy to make what really is quite brutal into something hypnotic and intoxicatingly romantic. This narrative is propelled forward by vague ambitions of greed and love, elevated to something magnificent when paired with Refn's lush cinematography and retro-noir sensibilities. Drive begs to be dug into, and demands countless rewatches to aid in that endeavor. I was honestly taken aback as the credits rolled, appalled at my initial lukewarm reaction to it following my first viewing. This is a special film that crucially dwells somewhere between being an action film and an intimate character study; a shining example of what action cinema can be with an artist like Refn fully in control.

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