Ghost in the Shell

Ghost in the Shell ★★★★★

Stunning, meaningfully expressive animation coupled with a complex, challenging meditation on the evolution of identity and communication in an increasingly technological world solidifies Ghost in the Shell's status as a landmark in both anime and science fiction cinema. It's the sort of pure, mind-expanding stuff so much great scifi is built on; designed to be foreign in a strange and dreamlike way. It's a perfect blend of adventure, fantasy and metaphysics; a prescient; absurdly well aged tale of the jarring evolution in a connected, globalized world. It's environments are alluringly sculpted, populated by crumbling neon cityscapes and marketplace propaganda. The infamous rain scene is a masterclass in animation alone. It's a work of profound melancholic beauty and a rare example of spectacle and substance marrying perfectly. Insane how much it's ideas hold up, too. An absolute classic.

The Greats

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