John Wick

John Wick ★★★★½

Action movies are about movement. The propulsive, shifting and consistently engaging visuals in John Wick are god-tier, lending a remarkable sort of kinetic energy to his murderous crusade. It's a special film. Not perfect, but so damn assured and memorable it may just be the next big action franchise for years to come. The action is so wonderfully brutal, and Keanu Reeves kills it as the impossibly talented Wick himself. By extension, the entire cast is solid. Occupying archetypal character molds, many are able to find dimension within those confines and those who don't just revel in the silliness. The visuals are crisp, formal and clean. The action is blistering, rhythmic and grounded. And most importantly, their a faint iconicism to this, little story beats that elevate this above your standard fare with distinction. The weird little assassin inside jokes that we're vaguely included on but enjoy all the same; John Wick is a wildly entertaining trip into a foreign world that never overstays it's welcome. Remarkably lean and purposeful popcorn entertainment. Can't wait for the sequel.

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