The Nice Guys

The Nice Guys ★★★★

While it's mystery didn't enormously compel me and a few subplots bothered me a bit, namely being the little girl's insistence on showing mercy, I still loved The Nice Guys. Additionally, I think the film found it's stride most in the beginning, when the film was almost entirely focused on developing the foundation for Crowe and Gosling's relationship, and the impeccable pacing gets lost a bit once the plot takes the wheel. I wished Black had spent less time in some parts and more in others, but if a bit of irregular pacing is the only issue I have with your film, your in good shape. The Nice Guys has a fantastic feel, slick enough to maintain a wistful attitude but not inconsequential due to it's surprisingly brutal violence and secondary familial concerns. Gosling is an absolute star here, proving he is just as much a comedic force as he is a dramatic powerhouse, showcased best through extended physical gags and savagely self-deprecating antics. But the best thing about The Nice Guys is it's comfort in it's own skin. It knows what it is, never straying from the smart, clever and sexy mystery it was born to be. We don't get films like this often. Here's hoping that Shane Black gets a yearly stipend to keep churning these out for the rest of his life.

Go see this and Sing Street immediately.

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