The Quick and the Dead ★★★½

I said, are you still fast?

Raimi brings the style, camp and deadpan to this quirky Leone-esque spaghetti western, driven home by a brilliant and allstar cast including the likes of Sharon Stone, Gene Hackman, Leonardo DiCaprio, Russell Crowe, Keith David and Roberts Blossom. There's some sincerity if you're looking for it, but an overwhelming sense of gleefully violent shoot outs pervades any attempt at actual drama within the narrative in the end. It's a western gladiator film, complete with the caricature contenders, regularly occurring showdowns and winnowing pool of competitors. It's predictable and corny, but Raimi's confident direction makes it the badass piece of indulgent cinema it really needs and aims to be. Despite the mediocre rating, I highly recommend this to anyone who is even slightly intrigued.

And the Raimi marathon rolls on

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