mother! ★★½

Well, I am actually not sure.

First of all, I get that the movie is not for everyone, It was not for me. However, liking it does not make you smart.

I feel like Aronofsky wanted to go back to his origins, however at the same time went over the top. The film jumped from point A to point C without doing much and it was not a slow burn compared to what Black Swan is. To be honest, I was enjoying the film until the final act, which is where things went downhill for me. Not the ending necessarily that destroyed the experience for me, but the way it got there was the actual issue. Equally, the movie has so many interpretations that it ended up being nothing, it lacks a narrative focus.

Positive points: Jennifer Lawrence carried the whole thing and Michelle Pfeiffer was a lovely surprise (she was the one that brought life to the house if you know what I mean). The sound design is spectacular, along with the cinematography that speaks for itself.

It is unfair to say I despise it, I am more than glad it exists, but I am not one of the biggest fans.

(I have a problem with every director that graduated from Harvard tbh)

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