Friday the 13th Part III

Friday the 13th Part III ★★½

If it weren't for the cheap 3D gimmicks and the fact that this is the one where Jason gets his iconic hockey mask, Friday the 13th Part III might well be the most forgettable entry in series. With its cast of nothing characters, listless plot, and lack of anything new after the first two movies, there's very little here that reaches anything more than passably enjoyable if you are a slasher fan. Probably the biggest issue out of all of these is that it adds nothing new to the proceedings despite moving the action from a summer camp to a lake house, feeling very much like another rehash of the by-then familiar slasher formula and doing so in a manner that's worse than the preceding two films. The positives, such as the goofy 3D effects, a few good kills and a pretty decent final act, are still not really good enough to put Friday the 13th Part III anywhere but near the bottom of the pile in the series for me despite still being a mostly fine slasher that fans of the franchise and subgenre should have an okay time watching.

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