Reservoir Dogs

Reservoir Dogs ★★★★½

Somehow, before today, I had never actually watched any of Quentin Tarantino's films outside of his appearances in some of Robert Rodriguez's movies like From Dusk Till Dawn or Planet Terror. Thus, Reservoir Dogs seems like the logical choice to begin with for someone to watch all of his movies in order as this is not just one of the finest directorial debuts of all time but also a great introductory film to Tarantino's works. Everything that I understand to be his trademarks are here in full force, from the whip-smart, pop culture-heavy dialogue to the heavy levels of violence and profanity, all of it done in a very palatable and highly entertaining way. Not only are all the performances from its ensemble cast excellent (Harvey Keitel and Steve Buscemi being the standouts), but the dialogue exchanged between them that makes up most of Reservoir Dogs is similarly terrific, telling its twisty and non-linear story in such a confident, measured manner that it's shocking a first-time director and writer was able to do it. As such, I think Reservoir Dogs is really the perfect introduction to Tarantino's filmography since it has all the elements that his films are known for, all contained in a highly impressive debut feature that is endlessly entertaining and accessible for newcomers like me.

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