Lightyear ★★★

Not necessarily bad, but far from Pixar’s best. Seems redundant to mention the excellent animation and design aspects (which has been integral to Pixar’s ethos since its inception), and Giacchino‘s score is naturally superb. However, the entourage of supporting characters are largely uninteresting and shallow, the plot itself is thin, and there is little room for development or exploration of ideas. Unfortunately this film takes a very predictable path and doesn’t offer much of a message besides ‘it’s good to work in a team’, or ‘don’t undervalue the importance of time’ - still, when compared to the emotional takeaways that Pixar have offered in the past, this falls rather flat. It’s hard to deny that there is some fun voice acting on display, and the lighting and overall technicality highlight Pixar are always working to outdo themselves and become even more innovative in the animation medium.

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