Tenet ★★★★

Second time round, not in IMAX, and the adjustment was a little hard. Maybe some familiarity with the script helped, but I found it easier to understand the dialogue (my main fault with my first viewing was this). The image was - of course - so much smaller, and the sound was a lot less violent. I pretty much understand everything in regard to the surface level, but still finding it hard to decipher some of the more concealed elements of the story. I’ve basically summed up my overall impression of Tenet: it’s very flawed in many ways, yet it’s rare that a film leaves me feeling this way - spellbound by the intricacies and pure genius that goes into formulating the story. It’s one thing having a complex idea, but to pull it off with such a magnificent style takes only a truly wonderful director of cinema. Love taking a trip to the cinema to watch the same film only days afterwards, especially when it’s of this magnitude. I watched Endgame thrice in its opening 1.5 weeks and I caught so many small details. Similar story with Tenet; this time round, so much more made sense and I was actively looking out for the clever weavings that Nolan plants earlier in the film, and this made the pay offs all the more fantastic. If there wasn’t so many annoying flaws in this film, I think it would creep it’s way to the upper end of my Nolan ranking. But we can’t ignore the music mixing problem (the big one) which makes it really hard to understand a lot of the dialogue. And, of course, there’s no emotion here which makes it harder to empathise with the characters. Not to say it’s a bad thing, but the stakes just don’t feel as high. Thanks to Ellen for letting me drag her along to the cinema. 

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