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This review may contain spoilers.


Genuinely the most excited I’ve been for what is unfolding before me on screen and felt that many emotions in one sitting in a theatre for a long ass time! This film just works, it is so silly and goofy, but it’s executed so well by the DANIELS and the stellar cast, Ke Huy Quan ladies and gentlemen. 

Artisticly it is so unique, and the cinematography, specifically the framing and camera motions, is absolutely unique and beautiful. The daniels and the cast also nailed their characters and each individual character arc.

I cannot stress enough: MICHELLE YEOH! 

It was a tad slow to start off and took its time building the world for which us as an audience would be suspended from reality in for the next 2 hours, and oh boy am I glad it took its time cause once it gets going, IT GETS GOING. 

I’m still in awe writing this, and I think genuinely it is one of the best films I have seen as of late. 

P.S: it’s now canon that ratatouille doesn’t exist, it’s now forever known as ‘Racagouille”

Thankyou that is all folks

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