Annette ★★★★★

Third Watch. 

Like David Cronenberg’s Cosmopolis or Richard Kelly’s Southland Tales, Annette doesn’t really care if you are on its wavelength or not. It takes some work to get there, but if you are willing to sync with its offbeat rhythm, the rewards are endless. Scene after scene, this is an absolute banger, from the show-stopping “shall we start?” sequence, to the hilarious yet poignant pregnancy scene, to Marion Cotillard channeling the Red Shoes, to the Me Too dream sequence, ugh I could go on. 

My personal favorite scene in the whole movie involves Simon Helberg recounting his affair with Ann while he conducts an orchestra. He monologues his envy only to pause, letting the camera gracefully whip around him as the music crescendos from the orchestra; he calmly resumes his monologue once the camera centers on him again. It’s absolutely glorious filmmaking, taking an otherwise mundane expository scene and making it eternal.

I could go on to detail this film’s many delights, but I’d just be repeating myself from my previous reviews. All I’ll say is this: I’m not sure there’s been a film like Annette that’s enthralled me sequence after sequence, where I’m actively anticipating coming scenes with glee, since pre-pandemic.

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